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According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (Personal Data Protection Act), we inform you that by filling out the forms, your personal data will be stored and processed in an automated file name: CUSTOMERS, which is responsible Estuches Mart´┐Ż SL NIF / CIF: 12345678Q, hereinafter File registered in the General Data Protection with the number 123456.

The main purpose of this file is to maintain the contractual relationship with our customers, facilitating the processing of orders, statistical studies, and sending information about products and services marketed by Just ask those data necessary to provide the service required and will only be used for this purpose. ensures the confidentiality of data and guarantees that in no case be transferred to any other use without prior written consent of our clients. Because keep backups of your data in our customer database, you acknowledge that unequivocally accepts, otherwise we can not register as a customer.

At all times, the customer is entitled to access, correct or cancel in, C / Nu´┐Żez de Arce No. 9 28012 Madrid (Spain) or


1. Overview

Unless special agreement evidenced in writing, send the request by the Client implies your agreement with these terms and conditions of sale. No provision made by the Customer on the terms of purchase, payment, receipts or other documents differ from those of if not expressly accepted by the Company in advance. The information contained in the catalogs and price lists are only indicative. may modify at any time, without notice, in light of changing economic conditions, in order to have informed the customer of such changes

2. Orders

All orders may be made through this website, by email, letter or telephone. An order is not final until accepted by . Any stipulation to repeal or supplement the general conditions of sale shall be deemed accepted by Customer if no written response to the contrary by the latter.

3. Prices

Customer transaction prices for products will increase with the taxes. Special orders and products not listed in the rate be billed at the price stipulated in the business proposal also increased in the appropriate taxes.

4. Delivery

Except for a possible special agreement, the products of the rates published by be served within the agreed time from the date of payment or from acceptance of order by in case of deferred payment. Delivery times given are for guidance and strives to respect. However, the delay does not imply the cancellation of the order or any compensation. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the Customer in its order is not effective for the purposes of paragraph 1 of these conditions of sale.

Delivery is considered completed since the product becomes available to the Customer by the carrier and the consignee signing the delivery receipt. For the recipient to verify the products receiving them and expose all the caveats and complaints may be justified.

If the products are not served in accordance with nature or quantity specified in the delivery order, the Customer must make your complaint within seven (7) days after delivery.

Deliveries are made by charges to the Customer, provided that the circumstances involving shipping.

5. Retention of title - Risks expressly reserves ownership of the goods delivered until full payment of the purchase price, interest, costs, etc.. Consequently it is not considered payment, under this provision, the bills of exchange, promissory notes, checks or any other title that creates an obligation to pay until they reach a successful conclusion in the collection of such documents.

However, risks are transferred to the Customer from the delivery of products. The Customer agrees to the custody of the goods and sign the relevant insurance to cover the damage and casualties that can be caused to the products.

If the Client suspends payment, may reclaim the goods. The amounts previously paid on account shall be kept by by way of penalty clause.

6. Terms of payment

Unless otherwise stipulated particular, the products are paid by bank transfer or Paypal (credit card) securely.

Payment terms can not be delayed for any reason. Customer may not withhold any amount on the amount due on time.

The sale, transfer, delivery or providing security in society by the Customer of all or part of its business or its materials, as well as non-payment, authorize without prejudice to other rights and actions, to suspend all supplies to complete the full payment. The amounts due shall be due immediately.

7. Termination clause

The total or partial breach by Customer of any of its obligations, failure to meet any payment when due, Customer's delay in payment and, in particular, knowledge of their protest or a security over all or part of business, could lead to criterion on the one hand, the expiration of the period and therefore the immediate payment of outstanding amounts and the disruption of delivery and, secondly, the termination of all current contracts.

The resolution of the contracts will occur automatically and without judicial formalities within seven (7) days from shipment to Customer of payment by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, stating the intention to use this clause.

8. Warranty

1. warrants the products it sells exclusively against manufacturing defects (parts and labor) for a period of three months from the date of purchase.

2. Excluded from any warranty defects and damage caused by external events, accidents, wear and use not in accordance with the instructions It also excludes products that are modified or repaired by Customer or any other person authorized by, and products that are subject to specific support contract in the event that these features are applicable.

3. Because of this warranty rests solely the obligation to repair or replace the product or part recognized as defective and returned to

4. Any return of product by invoking the guarantee must be previously accepted by To this end, the Customer will be contacted by email or by telephone with the after-sales service The defective product is returned in its original packaging. The costs and risks associated with product transfer are charged to the client.

5. Products and parts replaced by in terms of the warranty are their exclusive property. The services provided based on the warranty does not extend its effects.

6. This warranty excludes any other, understanding here any express or implied conveniences for private use.

7. It is understood that not be liable for all damages or indirect costs or any loss, mainly loss of use, data or information, as well as damages or costs arising from the use or inability to using the product.

9. Eventual return of products

Pursuant to Article 44 of Law 47/2002 of December, reform of the Law 7/1996 of 15 January, the Retail Trade, in the section on Distance Selling, the customer has right of withdrawal, by which you can return the product received if it finds that does not meet your expectations, but necessarily later than seven business days (from receipt and according to the official calendar of the place has been delivered) in its original packaging, without having used it and through the logistics operator that supplies be charged to the CLIENT the costs of returning, as well as damage the object of purchase.

Regarding personalized items will not apply the right of withdrawal, as in Law 47/2002 of December, in Article 45, entitled "Exceptions to the right of withdrawal" in Section B contains: contracts for supply of goods made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or which by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly, does not apply the right of withdrawal. If there has been an error in sending the product is defective or the return shipping charges are paid by The replacement of defective products will be made as soon notify the customer and without charge.

Customer acknowledges that any product, parts of it and the accompanying documentation sold by itself or under license, is under the export control regulations in force in Spain. Customer agrees not to export or reexport, directly or indirectly, the product to certain countries or end users as well as its use subject to the restrictions of the regulations cited. The Customer undertakes not to transfer or sell licensed it to an end user can use the product directly or indirectly for any unlawful purpose

11. Force majeure

The parties will not incur liability for any failure due to force majeure. The fulfillment of the obligation will be delayed until the cessation of force majeure. If the force majeure lasts longer than two (2) month contract may be rescinded at the request of one of the two parties, without any compensation.

12. Others

The general conditions of sale and signed contracts, are governed by applicable law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation or enforcement of the general conditions of sale and any contract signed with a client will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid.